Marea B54143 3 Acero De Reloj Mujer iOkPZXu
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Marea B54143 3 Acero De Reloj Mujer iOkPZXu
Marea B54143 3 Acero De Reloj Mujer iOkPZXu
Marea B54143 3 Acero De Reloj Mujer iOkPZXu
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draft 2

Publicado en: Educación
Marea B54143 3 Acero De Reloj Mujer iOkPZXu Marea B54143 3 Acero De Reloj Mujer iOkPZXu
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Marea B54143 3 Acero De Reloj Mujer iOkPZXu
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Out of sight Draft 2

  1. 1. 1 INT. APARTMENT - DUSK 1 A young man, Jack sits on his sofa in his empty apartment. He wears plain clothes and looks slightly unkept with messy hair and stubble. Stacked boxes in the living room reveal the character is getting ready to move out of his flat. Around the room is camera gear and filmmaking related books and objects. Jack scrolls through the camera features on his iPhone He places the phone onto a tripod which he directs towards the window on the other side of the room He rolls the camera and falls asleep on the sofa. FADE TO BLACK - TITLE: OUT OF SIGHT 2 INT. APARTMENT - NIGHT 2 Jack awakes abruptly, The sun has now set, it is dark. He glances around the empty room and spots his phone on the tripod. He tirelessly props himself up and reaches for his phone to stop the time-lapse and review it. He stares at his phone as the video plays, in one of the frames a strange figure that can be barely made out flashes on the screen for a split second. The man is puzzled and scrubs back through the video to have a closer look. He reaches the frame, and revealed on the camera is a dark figure standing in his living room. The man stares blankly at the image for several seconds, until slowly looking up and shifting his focus to where the figure was standing. There is nothing there. After staring for several more seconds, the man brings his phone up to his eye level and points the camera to where the figure was standing. Nothing can be seen as he stares deeply into the screen. When he takes the photo, the figure flashes up on the screen. The man is shocked and stumbles backwards with his eyes fixed on the image. He struggles to make out what is in the photo and considers it to be a problem with the camera, so he takes a step closer and turns on the flash.
  2. Marea B54143 3 Acero De Reloj Mujer iOkPZXu 2. 2. Standing slightly closer now, the man cautiously snaps another photo. The flash illuminates the room and in the second its captured the figure appears both on the screen and in reality. The man is even more scared now. He analyses the image and this time he’s able to make out the outline of a face. Unsure what to do, he freezes in place and texts the photo to a friend. He remains where he is and stares at the empty space in the room whilst waiting for a reply. He’s suddenly startled by a vibration from his phone. The man glances down and reads the response. FRIEND What are you showing me? MAN This thing in my room, what is it???? FRIEND That’s a window, are you drunk? The man looks angry and scared. He takes a final step closer slowly until he is very near to where the figure was seen. He pauses and then frantically waves his hands over the empty space, comedically punching the air. He takes out his phone for a closer picture. Tension builds as he slowly brings his phone to eye level and braces himself for another viewing of the creature. The photo is quickly taken and tension is relieved as nothing can be seen. He stares at his phone once again, we see a low angle of the man’s reaction. In the background, a blurry figure lurks behind him. He feels something and turns with a gasp.A long-shot then reveals the characters to have disappeared and his phone falls to the empty apartment floor. FADE TO BLACK